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  • Top 5 Radio Stations
  • Get Help in Creative Jingles
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Kolkata is home to a variety of local and national radio stations of repute. Tuning in to FM in Kolkata gives you a choice of national favourites such as Big FM, Radio Mirchi, Red FM and Fever FM, as well as regional favourites such as Power FM and Aamar FM. You can also choose to advertise in to All India Radio’s networks of AIR Gold, AIR Rainbow, Vividh Bharati and Prasar Bharati. No matter which station is your choice, if it’s on air in Kolkata, you can book your ads on that network via Kolkata’s largest independent radio ad agency, releaseMyAd. You can get access to the best rates, radio advertising plans, media buying services and jingles by choosing to advertise via releaseMyAd.

Top Kolkata Radio Stations


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Why advertise in Kolkata Radio Stations?


  • Radio is the medium wherein people spend most of their leisure time in Kolkata, providing ample opportunity for a message to reach its audience. Radio is the perfect arena to target the local audience of Kolkata and to effectively enhance recall value for brands. The cost of advertising in radio in Kolkata is very reasonable, at par with huge targeted large listenership base .
  • Being one of the traditional media with huge listenership base, it renders fast assistance to its advertisers helping them meet their objective by capturing large "share of minds" for brands. Marketing on radio in Kolkata is one of the finest ways to target and persuade listeners to instantly take right call to action. Radio Advertisement in Kolkata is the perfect tool for advertisers, which successfully influences the purchasing decision of listeners.
  • You can leverage the power of radio for your brand in Kolkata via ReleaseMyAd. We provide the best packages for radio advertising rates in Kolkata .

ReleaseMyAd is the leading radio advertising agency in Kolkata assisting small business ventures to plan, produce and execute radio campaigns successfully. It is an online platform which helps advertisers to advertise in 24 radio brands and 86 cities across India. We negotiate fm radio advertising rates in Kolkata and provide you with the best deals. We deliver the following complimentary services for radio advertisements in Kolkata:

  1. Media Planning: We provide all the tools to customize your campaign and generate results. We enable you to plan and buy radio advertising slots in radio stations of Kolkata that can serve your objective.

  2. Creative Development: We get melodious and effective jingles/voice overs developed, helping you not only to fit into listeners' entertainment space but also enabling you to catch hold of their attention. Our Ad creative also assists you in increasing your brand recall value. We create great radio advertisement jingles, which would work wonders for your brand.
  3. Expert Consultation: Our team skillfully interprets clients' needs and continually stays up to date with all the changes and trends in the marketplace including opportunities for advertisers on radio, directing them to take the right call to action to help them achieve your target. We not only tell you how to advertise in radio but also make your campaign successful.

How to Book an Ad in Kolkata Radio Stations?


ReleaseMyAd assists business to advertise in radio in Kolkata effortlessly book your Ad online and Go on Air. Follow the given steps and book your fm radio advertisement in Kolkata Today!

  1. Select requisite Campaign duration:-
    • Ad Duration: The span of your Ad (seconds) required to convey your message.
    • Ad Frequency: The number of times you want your listeners to listen to your Ad in a day.
    • Ad Tenure: The term for which you want your Ad campaign to be broadcast.
  2. View Rates for radio advertising in Kolkata and Choose your Preferred Radio Station.
  3. Select the Ad Slot you wish your Ad to play in:
    • Prime Time- You can choose to play your Ad only during the peak hours of the day,when a huge listenership base is listening.
    • Throughout The Day- Here your Ad would be equally split throughout the entire day.
  4. Select Dates, Preview Details and Make Payment

    Your Ad would be broadcast in Kolkata on the chosen date in the preferred ad format. Our experts will handle your radio ads in Kolkata to generate fascinating results.

For any more details and queries about radio advertising in Kolkata, call us on 09674167524 and get your bookings done

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