Media Planning Opportunities in Kolkata



Advertising Platform Why Media Buying?

Kolkata,the city of joy,is the second largest city of India and the political capital of West Bengal.Bearing the stamps of rich history and tradition,Kolkata is the land of many festivals that take place without societal barriers.Its citizens,known as Kolkatans, exhibit great  exuberance that is demonstrated in a penchant for art and culture and a high level of intellectual vitality and political awareness.releaseMyAd being a premier media buying ad agency,gives advertisers the unique experience of booking time and space slots over newspapers,radio stations,cinema screens and online with utmost ease.

Media Coverage Area in Kolkata


Newspaper View Rates
  • Main Edition
  • 20cm X 12cm Ad
  • Any Page

The Telegraph :

Rs. 180,000

Anandabazar Patrika :

Rs. 700,800

  • 15 Secs Jingle
  • 7 Spots/Day
  • 7 Days

Radio Mirchi :

Rs. 33,296

Big Fm :

Rs. 33,075

  • 20 Seconds
  • Audio Slide
  • 15 Days

Cinemax Mani Square Mall :


Inox City Centre 2 :


  • 100+ Websites
  • 10000 Impressions
  • 100 Clicks

Google Search Advertising :

Rs. 5000

Display Network Advertising :

Rs. 10,000

Which media is good for which budget?


Media Buying is one of the most crucial aspects of an advertising campaign. The primary focus of any campaign is to reach potential prospects, after which comes the conversion part. To reach the right kind of prospects, you need to target the right focus group through the right medium, and we at releaseMyAd help you in negotiating the best rates for your campaign in Kolkata.

An advertising campaign is launched keeping in mind either one of the following objectives - Branding, Brand Awareness or Sales.

Branding - Branding involves establishment of a brand, and usually a large scale campaign on as many possible relevant platforms as your budget can accommodate. You can choose from 9 of Kolkata’s glitziest multiplexes and over 10 popular radio stations to establish your brand.

Brand Awareness - Brand Awareness is all about re-imprinting your brand’s image and name to your customers. This is fairly more economical and can be carried on in just one relevant medium. You can choose from up to 13 of Kolkata’s most read newspapers to launch your campaign.

Sales - Sales campaigns cannot generally be categorized by expanse, and depend on the product/service and the enterprise who are advertising. You can advertise on the any of the aforementioned media devices and maybe also look into internet advertising for a pure sales-driven campaign. The teenage to young adult demographic is becoming largely internet savvy, so it would make sense for one to harness the internet to advertise to this demographic.